The Black Alley Revisited!

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What could i say, the best Asian Erotic site is The Black Alley. They have been online for quite some time now, and this site is just getting better by the day because they update at least 5 times a week! Their picture quality is unmatched with any other Asian sites on the internet today. Not to be outdone, their not just a softcore picture site. They have lots of hardcore pictures as well. They have have lots of girl on girl pictures and vids.. I dono if you guys have ever heard of Asian4you, if you have then you’ll know that that site has been shut down. The reason why i mention them is because The Black Alley now owns all the picture and video rights. So now they also have all the pics and vids of Asian 4 You onto their members area. So your practically getting two high quality sites with your membership. Don’t hesitate now! Click on the link below to give them a look.. Oh by the way, if you think the quality of the pictures above are nice, I gotta tell ya, those are their lower quality rez, they got even higher end stuff in their member section.. ;)

Kurara Tachibana @ Idol69

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Nothing more refreshing then seeing a hot Japanese girl playing around on the beach.. Kurara Tachibana is one sexy babe, she could be found on many Japanese site. But the site in particular that i would like to introduce you guys to is Idol69. Idol 69 is dedicated to sweet, amazing sexy Japanese girls. They got very high quality DVD ripped movies and awesome high definition pictures for you to look at. I basically like calling Idol69 my Japanese eye candy site. If you got the time check it out, if you got a few bucks to spare, check out their members area for a few days. Really worth the cash..

Cum Cum to Asia Movie Pass

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Japanese Bukkake

Sweet Teen Bukkake

Busty Bukkake

Hottie Bukkake

So, you love the Japanese girl huh? I don’t know if you ever checked this site out, Asia Movie Pass.. But this site has so much content that you will never have the time to watch it all.. They got loads and loads of gorgeous Japanese girls and its all on their servers ready for you to download. How many dvd’s you might ask? Well, they have 2400+++ And their all downloadable. You better get out to your nearest hardware store to buy another hard drive.. lol.. ;) Sure they have loads of bukkake movies (Lots of sperm on models faces). But they also got other great stuff as well.. I don’t think i have seen any other Japanese site with this much content. It sure is worth the $29.95 that they are charging now a days. Thats bang for your buck thats for sure.. Enjoy..


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I just want to give you guys a heads up.. When surfing adult sites please note there are always a risk of downloading spyware and adware. At Asian Sweety, we do not condone this type of behaviour. I just want to tell you guys that if your on a gallery page or a adult site and if that gallery or site ever asks you to get a “CODEC FILE” to view their vids(Its a trick, it doesn’t actually let you view their vids) DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!! It is a Spyware that you will NEVER get off your computer.. Unless you format your drive.. SO NEVER DOWNLOAD ANY CODECS!! EVER!!! Download WMV files and MPEG files ONLY!!

Also please use Firefox when surfing adult sites because there is less risk of you getting infected.. :)


Asian Sex Club.. Newest site on the web!

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Whats New? Whats Hot? I’ll tell you whats new.. Asian Sex Club.. This site is all about the Amateur Hardcore! Check out their galleries at the top and you’ll find a reason to take their free tour! Check it out.. Its fresh its new.. Its a whole different animal!

Nikki and Maya, Delicious..

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I was just surfing around and i found these two awesome pictures that i wanted to post on this blog! The first girl with the sexy face is named Nikki and the Second is named Maya.. Enjoy these two fine foxy delightful eye candy.. To see more of them click on the link below.. :)

Sweet Japanese

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Japanese girls are HOT! I bet you can’t name the two girls in the pictures above.. I’ll tell you who they are.. The first girls name is Chisato Morishita. and the Second cutie thats in the car is named Waka Inoue.. I think their pretty hot.. I just wanted to share a couple of pics with you today.. :)

Welcome To Our New BLOG site..

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I just want to be the first to welcome you to our first blog site! This is an extension of Here you will see 3 NEW galleries or pictures that is worth your time to check out.. These 3 galleries or pictures will be the best of the internet for the day.. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to make any comment you like! ..Edgey..