Annie, Abbie and Many others at CUM FU!

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Abbie Lee

Annie Lee

Kimmi Thai

Lanna Violet

Its been a while since i wrote on my blog, I just wanted to let you guys know of a site that has been up for a while.. And I have not done a blog about it. The Site name is called Cum Fu. Cum Fu is a premium site dedicated to the Asian Niche, (American Asian) that is. They have a great videographer and director for their movies. Their movies are usually bursting with story lines and the videos of their actions are covered in different angles. I love watching videos from Cum Fu. Because of its quality and the price is pretty good too.. ;)   A membership here only costs $4.95, for 3 days. 3 Days is a long time to download all their movies. ;) I hope you enjoy the updates above. A little known fact about Abbie and Annie, is that they are sisters..

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